About Us

Raven's Journey is a wholesale distributor of unique glass beads and buttons from the artisans of the Czech Republic.


The Story of Raven’s Journey

After the fall of communism in former Czechoslovakia Lenka Bindzar (owner), like much of her generation, was anxious to travel and have some adventure.  The wind blew her wayward seed all the way across the ocean to a tiny island in the Puget Sound near Seattle, WA.

In 1998 out of supplies for her small beeswax candle making business Lenka wandered into a craft store.  She was also looking for beads to decorate a new collar for her dog Willis.  Lenka was pleased to find that most of the beads in the store were from her home country the Czech Republic.  After talking for a while with the bead store owner he told her that there were not enough direct importers of Czech glass and that she should look into it.  He would even buy from her if she could locate some hard to find beads for him should she find herself back in Czech soon.  A first customer was earned and an idea was born.

On her next trip home to see family Lenka travelled to the center of the Czech glass bead making industry and proceeded to have multiple doors both figuratively, and literally, slammed in her face.  She managed to come home with a couple sample cards but not much else.  Not to be discouraged Lenka decided to give it one more try.  This time as she was driving through the hills in northern Czech she knocked on the door of a small house with two chimneys and countless discarded beads reflecting from the gravel driveway.  An endearing older couple answered the door.  They were the second generation running a small family owned bead pressing company and agreed to sell her a few things.  A little dissatisfied with what was readily available Lenka dreamt of a time when she could combine glass colors and finishes in a more elegant and modern way.  It took a few years of picking up beads where she could before Lenka could realize her dream of having unique items made just for Raven’s Journey.

Today Raven’s Journey has several small suppliers making unique products in the age old tradition of Czech glass beads and buttons.


Raven’s Journey’s commitment to working with small bead pressers gives us the flexibility to innovate and bring unique and beautiful products to market.

Lenka at work designing beads in Czech

-Lenka in Czech surrounded by the raw glass for inspiration while designing our unique beads

Raven's Journey's Mission


-  To work closely with artisans in the Czech Republic to continue the tradition of creating and producing the finest quality glass beads in the world.

-  To provide exceptional personal service ensuring every customer feels valued and is fully satisfied.